Images of the Sudbury Aqueduct (1876)

This is the point where the Sudbury River
issues from Framingham Reservoir No. 1.

The is the intake structure at Framingham
Reservoir No. 1 for the Sudbury Aqueduct

This is a small gatehouse for the Sudbury Aqueduct
along the edge of Farm Pond in Framingham.
The aqueduct runs in the foreground along the edge of the pond.

This is the gatehouse for the Sudbury Aqueduct
on the narrow section that divides Farm Pond.

Waban Arch Bridge of the Sudbury Aqueduct
This impressive nine arch bridge is tucked behind the Nehoiden Golf Course in Wellesley

The date engraved over the center arch
of the Waban Arch Bridge in Wellesley.

Ground level view of the arches of the Sudbury Aqueduct as it passes over the inlet stream from Lake Waban and Fuller Brook to the Charles River. (older photo)

View of the aqueduct from the footbridge over the stream
(Older photo - half of this footbridge is now missing.)

Gatehouse in Wellesley near the Needham border

Intake structure on the Sudbury Aqueduct next to Wellesley Avenue. Here the water would enter a siphon as it dipped at Brookside Avenue.

This is the eastern end of the siphon where the water would rise up from the siphon and continue it's journey toward Boston.

Echo Bridge in Newton Upper Falls (Hemlock Gorge)
There are seven arches to this bridge.

View of the main arch of Echo Bridge
This is an very wide and very impressive arch. The echo under this arch gives rise to the name of the bridge. I counted 13 distinct echoes.

The date engraved on Echo Bridge over the main arch

Sudbury Gatehouse on Tyler Terrace in Newton Center.
There is also a Cochituate Aqueduct gatehouse nearby.

The last access portal to the Sudbury Aqueduct as it nears its terminal gatehouse at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir

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